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Physical Therapy Session


Join our telerehab program and HEAL at the comfort of your own home. Our program is offered through web-based technology using real-time monitoring and interactive exercise for cancer patients at all stages.

With Carox's Telerehab Prorgam


Lessen cancer pain and improve physical function


Lower post-acute care need and hospital utilization


Expedite cancer recovery and improve overall health outcomes


Increase exercise capacity and build strength to take on normal daily activity

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

With personalized session

Heal Faster with Carox

Physical Therapy

Work with the experienced physical therapist who’s an expert in your condition and get treated in 1:1 session to increase exercise capacity and build strength

Child Physiotherapy
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Occupational Therapy

Easy access to Carox's in-network licensed occupational therapists to develop, recover, improve, as well as maintain the skills needed for daily living and working

How does it work?

Receive cancer rehab services via web-based technology for easy access and convenience. All sessions are delivered in real-time online without any prior technology setup

Receive your telerehab sessions at locations of your choosing and on your own schedule. All therapy sessions are delivered in private based on your own timeline

Flexible Schedule

Virtual Delivery

Get matched with an experienced therapist within Carox's network and receive personalized rehab care plan tailored to your unique condition. All sessions are 1:1

Therapist Matching

Review medical and oncologic history and current difficulties and how they are impacting your daily activities

Detailed care plan on how to best move forward with the program and address any additional concerns

Provide exercises, education, and techniques personalized to your specific needs

Arrange for home delivery of equipment to support your program at home, if needed.


Learn how you can benefit from our telerehab program.

Meet Whitney, our online patient support lead, to show you how our telerehab program can help you with your cancer recovery 

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