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So, You Just Received a Breast Cancer Diagnosis


May 2, 2022

Jessica Sager

So, You Just Received a Breast Cancer Diagnosis—Here Are the Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Your Treatment

When your doctor breaks the news that you have breast cancer, chances are a lot is going through your mind: You may be shocked, scared, dismayed, overwhelmed, determined to fight, or a combination of all of those and more. While you can’t control your diagnosis, you do have a say in your treatment and what to do next. To make the best and most informed decision about your breast cancer care, here are crucial questions to ask your doctor after a breast cancer diagnosis—from breast cancer surgeons, doctors, and survivors themselves.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

1. What type of breast cancer do I have?

Hackensack University Medical Center breast surgeon Dr. Tara Balija tells Parade that questions around the specifics of your breast cancer diagnosis are key to understanding what’s right for you and your individual health needs. Dr. Balija explains, “There are several different types of breast cancer. It is important to know which you are being diagnosed with to choose the right course of treatment.”

2. What stage of breast cancer do I have?

According to Dr. Balija, the stage, not just the type of cancer, will dictate your treatment plan, as well as provide a better idea of potential survival rates.