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Petri Dish

Cancer Supportive Care Research

Carox cancer research pipeline is dedicated exclusively to advancing cancer supportive care research beyond medical treatments with the goal to lessen symptom burden, improve level of physiological functioning, increase overall survival and health outcomes for cancer patients at all stages. We incubate prominent future cancer researchers who share similar vision and value in progressing early integration and emphasis of cancer supportive care into the normative cancer care model. 

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Childhood Cancer Supportive Care

Investigate impact of early integration of palliative and supportive care interventions on symptom management, behavioral and cognitive coping, physical and mental functioning in childhood cancer patients in all stages.


Health Disparity and Cancer Care Outcome

Address important subjects in cancer health disparities and understand its impact on patient's overall survival and health outcomes while exploring new and innovative approaches to tackle the issue.

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Digital Therapeutics for Optimal Supportive Care in Oncology

Recognizing the need for digital therapeutics gradually increasing in the clinical field and discovering emerging new therapy to aid in cancer treatment and survivorship.


Comprehensive Cancer Rehab and Program Innovation

Adopting comprehensive cancer rehabilitation program for cancer patients going through recovery and survivorship yields improvements in patient health outcomes, health care system performance, and cost outcomes.

Physiotherapists Training

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