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Carox Health is innovating cancer care by personalizing supportive patient services. At Carox, we support cancer patients and survivors by offering custom personalized care services through their cancer journey. Our core services include oncology coaching, private nursing care and remote patient monitoring. We also provide rehabilitation programs for cancer patients who suffer from other chronic conditions. As we are dedicated to provide comprehensive cancer supportive care throughout a cancer patient's entire care journey, we offer personalized care programs that fit patient's individual needs - our dedicated private oncology nurse and care team will be helping you at every steps of the way, from patient education, symptom management, research support to rehabilitation planning. 


Our mission is to address unmet supportive care needs, increase overall survival and improve QoL for cancer patients. We are dedicated to bridging access to fulfilling healthcare experiences so everyone can attain their full health potential. At Carox, we disentangle complex medical problems and support patient care journeys. Our cancer support services include remote patient monitoring, second opinions, personalized health plans, rehabilitation planning and concierge patient support.


Carox is leading in cancer rehab and survivorship research. For our supportive care programs, Carox adopts collaborative tele-rehabilitation with physical therapy-directed pain management for cancer patients with functional impairment and late stage cancer to improve function, lessen pain and reduce hospital length of stay and the requirement for post-acute care. Patients can explore different care opportunities at the comfort of their own homes. Moreover, different from other cancer care programs, Carox also implements early integration of palliative care in cancer patients throughout patient's care journey. Most patients receive palliative care late in the disease continuum and Carox works to address this issue early on for our cancer patients. 

For our international patient service line, we help connect patients with complex health problems to wider medical possibilities abroad via telemedicine, remote consultation and patient transfer. The company has a history of working with health care providers from China and the U.S. to help patients from less medically capable regions reach broader access to specialists and high quality of care. We encourage close collaborations among healthcare professionals who are located in different countries to work together and engage in this global health endeavor.


With the help of emerging healthcare technologies and the rise of precision medicine in tackling traditionally incurable diseases, providers more increasingly reach across borders to provide medical services directly to international patients via synchronous and asynchronous communication tools such as electronic mail, interactive video, and smartphone applications that facilitate diagnosis, virtual consultation, treatment, monitoring, and post recovery follow-up.

One of Carox’s key offerings is working with medical specialists from top ranked medical institutions and providing patients remote second opinions. The in-network healthcare professionals are consulted to verify an existing diagnosis or treatment plan through written feedback reports or online consultations. We focus primarily on medical conditions that present most frequently in women such as heart disease, colorectal cancer, breast cancer, cervical and ovarian cancer, gynecological health and infertility. 

Together, we have continued to expand Carox, we will continue to grow Carox and help more cancer patients obtain the quality of care they need. To further fulfill our mission, we leveraged our extensive cancer care experience and surrounded ourselves by outstanding medical partners, advisors and investors. It’s the greatest privilege and honor to work with these teams of dedicated medical and business professionals and serve our cancer community. We will continue to lead, grow and transform the cancer care landscape.

1395 Brickell Avenue, Suite 800, Miami, FL 33131


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