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Medical Treatment - Mexico

National Palace

Going to Mexico for Medical Treatment

Offering high-quality medical services, improved customer support, and affordable prices – Mexico has emerged as one of the top-rated destination for medical tourism. Carox works with physicians from top medical institutions in Mexico and connect patients to affordable and yet high quality medical services. 

Significant Cost Savings

The cost of medical services in Mexico costs 70 to 75% less than those in the US. The savings for various procedures are:

- Dental & Bariatric: 75%

- Orthopedic: 70%

- Prescription medication: 30-60%

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Travel Convenience

- Visa-free for 70+ countries (including US, UK, and Canada)

- Direct flights from major cities in the US, Canada, and Europe

- Hospitals/Clinics operate in Mexico City and major urban locations

World-class Care Quality

- Major Mexico cities host at least one world-class hospital

- Advanced medical facilities comparable to the US standards

- Certified & highly skillful medical professionals with excellent patient safety records

- Less wait time and better provider engagement

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